AAS-connect Repository & DataHub - "Off the Shelf" Installation Kit

With the AAS-connect AAS Repository & DataHub we are providing an AAS Server conformant to the IDTA specifications for the Asset Administration Shell in combination with a GraphQL endpoint, leveraging the benefits of GraphQL. The data can be loaded from a Neo4j database or directly from availabe IT/OT systems. The repository acts as an (internal) DataHub that can be feeded via the typical IT interfaces via the GraphQL API or via the AAS API. The DataHub can be used to feed internal or external AAS Server as required.

The advantages of the AAS-connect Repository & DataHub are:

  • Flexibility for the feeding of the AAS with data from existing IT/OT systems
  • One central (internal) Hub from which (external) AAS Server can be feeded
  • GraphQL-based Querrying of the Repository
  • Graph-based (Labeled Property Graph) Analytics for the Asset Administration Shell
  • AAS-connect GraphQL Reference Schema that differentiates data from metadata and thus
    reduces data redundancies and payloads
  • Enforcement of consistent application of Submodel Template within a Company
  • Headless CMS (GraphQLFrontend) to view and manipulate AAS

The AAS-connect Repository & DataHub is an alternative to existing AAS Servers, like Eclipse AAS Server V3 (with Persistence), Eclipse BaSyx Java V2 Server or FA³ST Service.


Do you need support for the implementation of the AAS-connect Repository & DataHub or do you have feedback? Please contact us!


Your can find the AAS-connect Repository & DataHub as an "Off the Shelf" Installation Kit here:

GitHub link


Further information are availabe here:


AAS-connect Architecture
AAS-connect Repository & DataHub Architecture